• Looking At Wedding Venues? Ask These 4 Questions During Your Visit

    Are you in the process of narrowing down your wedding venue and touring various places in person? If so, it will help to ask the following questions to ensure that you make a great choice. How Many Guests Can The Venue Accommodate?  The venue likely has some numbers related to how many guests it can accommodate. It's important to get the answer to this question right away since you may discover that your wedding reception is too big for the venue that you are looking at. [Read More]

  • Appealing Reasons To Book A Barn Wedding Venue For Your Ceremony

    When you plan out your wedding, you envision it being held in the ideal location. You want the place where you hold your ceremony and celebration to contribute to the day's fun and special memories. Instead of booking a banquet hall at a hotel or a house of worship, you may prefer to hold it in a place that is more relaxed and rustic yet elegant at the same time. You can book a barn wedding venue that can offer you all of the accommodations that you need for your big day. [Read More]

  • What You Should Know About Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

    The moment you have been waiting for since you were a little girl is finally here: you're getting married! This means it is time to shop for the perfecting wedding gown. Before you start hitting the wedding dress boutiques, there are a few things you should know to ensure that your journey is a successful one. Have a Price Point in Mind When you are shopping for wedding gowns, you do not want to have to spend a lot of time trying on gowns that you cannot afford. [Read More]