Looking At Wedding Venues? Ask These 4 Questions During Your Visit

Posted on: 22 November 2021

Are you in the process of narrowing down your wedding venue and touring various places in person? If so, it will help to ask the following questions to ensure that you make a great choice.

How Many Guests Can The Venue Accommodate? 

The venue likely has some numbers related to how many guests it can accommodate. It's important to get the answer to this question right away since you may discover that your wedding reception is too big for the venue that you are looking at. Some wedding venues may even have a minimum requirement for the number of guests so that it is worth it for them to host a wedding reception.

Will The Venue Be Shared?

Many wedding venues are large halls that are equipped to handle weddings of various sizes. If you have a smaller wedding that won't be taking up the entire venue, it is worth asking if the venue will be shared with another event on the day of your wedding. You may or may not want other guests sharing the venue during your reception since it can be difficult navigating all of the guests that you invited and having to figure out who is with your wedding and who is a guest at the other event. Some wedding venues may charge you an additional fee if you want to make the venue exclusive. Make sure you know what that additional charge is in case you want to go that direction. 

Is There A Preparation Area For The Bride And Groom?

Chances are that you will need some space for preparation at the wedding venue. The bride may need privacy to change into a different dress before the reception, the ability to fix her makeup before photos are taken, and things of that nature. That's why it's worth asking if there is a preparation area that can be used during the reception. 

How Will The Bar Work For The Reception?

You likely have plenty of questions about how the bar will work for your wedding reception. Does the venue provide the alcohol and have their own bartenders that will work the bar, or are you responsible for figuring it out on your own? If the venue handles the bar, how do you determine what kind of drinks will be served during the reception? It is also worth asking if there are fees associated with bringing your own alcohol so that you are not caught off guard by those costs.

For more information, contact a local wedding venue service.