You Can Have That Glamorous Wedding You Always Wanted – In Las Vegas

Posted on: 18 December 2015

Las Vegas has a reputation of being the place to go if you want a fast and cheap wedding. There are countless wedding chapels and even city hall in which couples can tie the knot quickly and affordably. However, if you want a glamurous wedding, well that is also possible in Las Vegas and here are just a few places to consider while you plan your special day.

City Center or The Strip

The Strip or the City Center of Las Vegas is mostly known for it's famous casinos and live-stage shows but it is also a wonderful place to have a beautiful wedding. The area has three major hotels in which you can hold either your wedding as a whole or just your reception or cocktail party. It is possible to rent a ballroom here, or if you prefer a less formal setting, there are suites large enough to handle a small party.

For your photo sessions, there is an abundance of water features like fountains or other landscape designs that are perfect for a gorgeous wedding and photo-shoot.

Boutique Hotel

Unlike larger hotels, boutique hotels tend to be niche themed and are smaller in nature. It is possible to have a glamorous wedding even on a smaller scale. You can book a boutique hotel wedding for as small as just you and your intended, to up to 1,000 guests in larger hotels. You can find both lodging and find a venue to hold your wedding that will fit into even the smallest budgets but which still provide a beautiful place for your ceremony and reception.

The Casino Hotels

Las Vegas is definitely known for its casinos and the city is filled with themed casino hotels. There are the famous hotels themed as ancient Rome or Greece but there are hotels that are not widely known. It may not be well-known that these casinos also hold weddings ranging from fun and quirky to pretty glamorous affairs. You have your pick of your choice of wedding at any of these casino hotels, or you can opt for a smaller casino with many of these specially geared toward weddings.

Convention Centers

Las Vegas has many convention centers to choose from and any one of them would make a perfect choice for a wedding. It is possible to have either an outdoor or indoor wedding, completely catered with on-site catering and even state-of-the-art entertainment setups for your DJ and wonderful views of the Strip. A lot of the convention centers offer rentals for chairs and have packages that may include entertainment and decor too.

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