Pros Of Choosing Real Flowers Over A Fake Bouquet

Posted on: 24 May 2023

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you are making a lot of decisions in a short amount of time. One of the biggest and potentially most expensive decisions you will make is the flowers. Many couples opt for artificial flowers because of the lower price point. However, when you consider the upside of opting for the real thing, you will quickly realize that the potential cost savings are not the most important part of your decision.

Here are a few of the many benefits of choosing real flowers over their artificial counterparts.

Real Flowers Make the Day Feel More Special

Your wedding day is going to be the most special and memorable day of your life. Some couples save for months or even years to pay for their wedding honeymoon. Artificial flowers are available in a variety of colors, but there is just no substitute for the real thing.

Real flowers are more memorable, and elegant, and will make your wedding day even more special. Many brides choose to preserve their bouquet, which is a piece of the wedding that a bride can keep with her always.

Your Guests Will Love the Look and Smell of Fresh Flowers

Many artificial flowers look very similar to the real thing. However, there is one aspect of genuine blooms that you simply cannot replicate: The smell. Nothing compares to the smell of beautiful flowers spread throughout the wedding venue and reception hall. Your guests will be greeted with this unforgettable smell.

The best part is many guests choose to take home centerpieces, which is a fun reminder of the memorable day you all shared together.

You Can Support a Local Business

When you purchase fake flowers from your local big box or craft store, you can purchase from a massive corporation. Many florists, and in particular hometown florists, are small businesses. Purchasing your flowers from a local florist helps keep them in business. You can enjoy your beautiful day knowing that the choices you made helped support a small business.

Artificial Flowers Aren't Always the More Cost-Effective Choice  

Finally, when you run the numbers, you might quickly realize that in some instances, it is actually less expensive to choose real flowers. This is especially true if you purchase silk flowers, which can be as expensive, if not far more expensive, than real flowers.

From the chance to support a small business to creating a more memorable day, there are several reasons why you should choose real flowers for your wedding day. 

For more info about wedding flowers, contact a local professional.