Wedding Flowers: Which Should You Pick?

Posted on: 31 December 2015

Flowers may not be the first thing you think about when you begin to plan your wedding, but they are an important part of your event's theme. Both fresh and silk flowers are perfectly acceptable choices for your wedding, but which you choose will depend on a number of factors. Picking the right flowers is a necessity to fulfill your wedding dream.


Experts recommend reserving ten percent of your total wedding budget for your decorations and flowers. For a $10,000 wedding, that only leaves $1000 to decorate the chapel and your reception hall. That amount of money will buy you many more silk arrangements than fresh ones. A silk arrangement with between 12 to 14 pieces will cost somewhere between $100 - $300 from a reputable online site. You can, of course, create your own arrangements and bouquet by buying the flowers at a craft store and assembling them yourself. 

Fresh flowers will cost quite a bit more.  A fairly modest order of flowers for the bride and groom and their attendants, plus a few table arrangements and additional corsages, will cost approximately $1500. That number can go much higher, of course, depending on how elaborate you want to go. 


If your main consideration is price, then you should definitely go with silk arrangements. For many people, however, nothing matches the beauty of fresh flowers. Even the best faux flowers cannot match the real thing. Of course, your fresh flowers will not last as long and may begin to wilt quickly in warm weather. Bitterly cold weather can certainly damage the look of your fresh flowers. Also, you can drop silk flowers without consequence but real flowers are fragile. Some couples find that combining the two types is the best answer. Perhaps you want to keep the wedding party flowers fresh and the other arrangements silk. In that way, you combine beauty with practicality. 

The type and quantity of wedding flowers you choose depend on your budget and personal preferences. Decide if cost and practicality are your main concerns. If you want to save money but still yearn for some fresh flowers, combine silk with the real thing. You can be creative with your choice and still have the elegant wedding you have dreamed of. In fact, you can make the ceremony flowers double as part of the reception decor. As long as you get the look you want, either fresh or faux flowers are perfectly fine.