Wedding Expenses Overwhelming? How To Cut Costs

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Without a doubt, weddings are expensive. Some brides may only spend a few thousand, while others may spend almost as much as a brand new car on their weddings. If you have not been saving most of your life for this day, you may have to borrow all that money then turn around to use your wedding gifts to repay the loans. Since that is absolutely no fun, you may want to consider some of the following ideas for cutting your wedding expenses.

Wedding Packages

Sure, it is a lot like a Las Vegas wedding, but many brides find that wedding packages, provided by businesses like Dillinger Arts, LLC., sew up the basics quite nicely. Plus, brides do not have to run around looking for a preacher, a church/chapel venue, seats/pews, photographer, videographer, flowers, music, etc. Wedding packages deliver it all, including witnesses if you do not bring your own. One low price delivers it all. If you want a more deluxe package, you can invite "x" number of guests to join your nuptials and/or take a destination wedding.

Rent Your Dress or Buy a Clearance Dress

Some bridal shops actually rent wedding dresses. It is an ideal situation for the brides who do not want to own and keep their dress once they are married, and it cuts costs all the way down to the rental price of the dress for two or three days. The dress shops still make money on these dresses, too.

You could also buy your dress off the clearance rack. These "budget" dresses often cost less than four or five hundred dollars, with many dresses priced much less than that. You can still get a pretty wedding dress and not pay the thousands of dollars you would expect to pay for something you will only wear once.

Have Your Wedding at Home

When you grew up in a very large, nice home with a big yard, it is very easy to do a "home wedding." In fact, many couples lean toward this trend because it cuts out the church fees, the reception hall fees and a few other fees that tend to be bigger expenses. Additionally, the same chairs you use for the wedding ceremony can double as reception chairs, so you only have to rent one set of chairs for all of your expected guests. If you pick a very nice time of year and a get a lovely day out of it, your home wedding can be performed outdoors, too.