Strategies For Looking Your Best In A Rented Tuxedo When You Are Heavy

Posted on: 17 May 2018

When you need to rent a tuxedo for a formal event but you're packing a few extra pounds on your body, you might be dreading the thought of squeezing into a tight suit and spending several uncomfortable hours in it. Fortunately, this won't necessarily be the case. By picking the right tuxedo and working closely with a fitting expert, you'll be able to get a suit that looks good, feels good, and even helps you look slimmer. Here are some strategies that you can use for looking your best in your rented tux, even if you're carrying a few extra pounds.

Add A Vest

Make sure to pick a tuxedo that pairs well with a vest. If you're wanting your formal wear to hide some of your weight, a vest can do the trick. For example, you can have the vest cut so that it's a little tighter; this will allow you to have the suit jacket fit comfortably, rather than opt for a tighter cut to make you appear smaller — which will be highly uncomfortable. While a tight vest can take a little getting used to, it's a small price to pay for having a tuxedo jacket that fits comfortably and doesn't look as though you've squeezed into it.

Stay Away From Padded Shoulders

Some tuxedos have substantial padding in the shoulders, while others have more of a natural shoulder cut. It's best to opt for the latter style. If you're already a little big — perhaps packing a spare tire around the midsection, for example — you don't want your shoulders to appear larger than they are. When the shoulders are wide because of padding, and you already have a bit of a belly, your entire upper half can appear massive. When you get a jacket without padded shoulders, the area can look slender and help to offset your stomach.

Don't Let Your Waist Be Too Tight

When it comes to having your tuxedo pants tailored, make sure that they're on the looser side. This can not only be comfortable, but it can also prevent your belly from looking bigger. If the pants are excessively tight, they can push the fat in your lower abdomen up toward your belly, and it can all spill over the front of your belt, making you look heavier than you actually are. When the pants are a little on the looser side — which can especially work if you're wearing suspenders — your midsection won't seem as pronounced.