Planning A Wedding While Chronically Ill? 5 Invaluable Tips

Posted on: 19 November 2019

Are you living with a chronic illness? Then you know that even the mundane parts of life can become complicated and the special times are usually made even more complex than expected. Planning a wedding is one of these times. 

If you're planning your own big day while managing a long-term ailment, here are a few key ways to have a happy, successful time. 

1. Hire a Planner. Outsource as much of the wedding stress and physical exertion as you can. A wedding planner is one of the best investments that a chronically ill bride or groom can make. The planner will manage vendors, create short-lists for you, customize wedding aspects, and oversee the big day. 

2. Take Extra Time. Does your disease cause you to run short on energy? Do you never know when you will wake up feeling good and when you won't? If so, start planning as early as possible and give yourself extra time before the wedding date. This forms a buffer that allows you to do everything you need without having to push through the bad times. 

3. Communicate. All the major players involved in wedding arrangements should know that you have certain extra needs. Let your wedding planner know at the beginning what you need in the form of medications, extra time, a certain schedule, or stress reducers. He or she can help accommodate these needs both in planning and on the wedding day. But vendors, friends, venue staff, and family members can't help you if you aren't upfront with them about your challenges.

4. Avoid DIY. Do-it-yourself elements in a wedding save money and can be fun, but they take time and energy. If you have low quantities of both, try to take on as little DIY work as possible. If you are on a tight budget, reduce other elements that are less important so that you can purchase items or use services instead of handling some things yourself.

5. Simplify the Day. A wedding doesn't have to be complex in order to be beautiful and fun. Opt for a single venue for the whole day rather than moving around unnecessarily. Choose a venue with natural beauty so you can have fewer decorations. Focus only on those traditions that are personally important to you and your fiance. You can trim down the guest list or consider having a simple reception without a full meal. The methods of simplifying you choose are up to you because this is, ultimately, your day.

If you use outside help whenever possible, simplify the planning, and communicate well with those involved, your wedding day will be a day of your dreams no matter what health issues you're dealing with. 

To learn more about planning a wedding under special circumstances, contact a wedding planner in your area.