Reasons To Mix Up The Seating At Your Wedding

Posted on: 20 October 2020

One of the important topics to consider when you're planning your wedding ceremony is how you'll arrange the seating. Regardless of your venue, it's common to have the aisle cut its way through the seats—thus dividing them into two sections. Traditionally, a lot of people ask their guests to choose a section based on which member of the wedding party they know. In this scenario, people who know the bride would sit on one side of the aisle, while those who know the groom would sit on the other. This isn't the only way to approach your seating, however. You can also mix things up by encouraging people to sit wherever they'd like. Here are some reasons to pursue this idea.

It Helps People Get To Know Each Other

On your wedding day, you want people to get along with one another. While people can often get to know each other during the reception, there's no harm in starting the connection during the ceremony. When you don't "assign" seating sides, people may often end up beside strangers. This can prompt them to converse a little before the ceremony starts, which can create connections throughout the crowd. A wedding is all about coming together, so having your guests come together in this way may appeal to you.

It Avoids Confusion

When you think about your wedding guests, you'll realize that some of them know both you and your significant other. While each of you has your relatives and individual friends, there will likely be a lot of friends and co-workers who know you both. For example, if you and your significant other attended college together, your college friends who are attending the wedding may be friends with you both. In a traditional seating setup, confusion can ensue because a guest who knows both of you may wonder which side to sit on. Without such rules, people can sit where they want without confusion.

It Keeps The Sides Even

When you ask your guests to choose their seats based on who they know, you may encounter a significant discrepancy. For example, if you are much more outgoing than your soon-to-be spouse, a considerable percentage of the guests may have connections to you. It can look a little uneven to see a wedding venue with seating that perhaps has 100 people on one side and only 25 on the other. With mixed seating, you don't need to worry about this issue. 

For more information about seating, contact a wedding ceremony service.